Bärbel Kofler answered to ICT letter on Human Rights violataion in Iran

Dear Dr. Barati,


Thank you very much for the detailed explanations in your letter to Dr. Kofler of 25 June, in which you express your deep concern about the three Iranian citizens Amir Hossein Moradi, Saeed Tamjidi and Mohammad Rajabi, whose death sentences have been confirmed by the Iranian Supreme Court. If you have any further information, including on the other defendants, Mrs Mojgan Eskandari, and that fifth defendant not mentioned by name, we would be grateful to receive it.

Dr. Kofler made a public statement in a press release immediately after the reports of the death sentences against the three young men. She called for the prisoners’ right to humane prison conditions and a fair trial under the rule of law and spoke out against the death penalty in principle.

Together with its EU partners, the German government regularly speaks out to the Iranian government and works to ensure that death sentences are not carried out.

In bilateral talks with representatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran, representatives of the Federal Government continuously confront the high number of executions in Iran and advocate an improvement in the human rights situation and the abolition of the death penalty in Iran.

Furthermore, Germany is one of the most prominent advocates of the Iran Resolution in the UN General Assembly. This resolution also deals with the executions in Iran in clear language.

I can assure you that the German government will continue to work both for the abolition of the death penalty in Iran and for the three Iranians sentenced to death, Amir Hossein Moradi, Saeed Tamjidi and Mohammad Rajabi.

With kind regards


Dr. Bärbel Kofler

represented by

Albrecht Volkwein


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