Iran Transition Council: Foreign Policy Agenda

  • Our national interests oblige us to restore the Islamic Republic’s destructive policies in all aspects of politics, military and culture. Our policy will set out the aims of understanding among nations in the region and around the world.


  • In the first step, our goodwill delegation will commence travelling to all neighboring countries and holding talks with the members of parliament in those countries in order to establish friendly relations as well as an exchange of views on how to achieve stability and collective security alongside putting an end to subversive arms race.


  • Travelling to European countries and the US has been considered the second step in order for the talks with members of parliaments in those countries and providing a description of our international and regional policies to put a stop to all existing security threats in far and near countries as well as conducting international negotiations for the removal of weapons of mass destruction from all countries in the region.


  • The necessary condition for the success of such a policy lies in relieving tension and restoring usual friendly relations with all countries, including the US and Israel. Our emphasis will be on the necessity of acknowledging the State of Israel as a country and the right to national sovereignty to be attained by Palestinians as well as having an independent land.


  • Economically, we are in favor of market-oriented economic policy and open doors to investment and high tech. We are willing to negotiate economic treaties and a common market of capital, goods and services with each and every one of the countries in the region, including Israel. We can see that Iran’s chances of economic development lie in common investment, accompanied by the owners of the world’s most advanced technologies in addition to having access to existing markets for superior technology productions.


  • We are willing to negotiate collaborative agreements with regard to culture, medicine and healthcare, road and urban development, agriculture, airways, railways and shipping with all the countries across the region and beyond that, and the developed countries in the region in particular.


  • We acknowledge climate change as the largest source of threat to nature and life. We will cooperate fully with the United Nations in an effort to protect the environment for the sake of animals and human beings through the environmental plan of our own, as well as preventing the fossil fuel and greenhouse gas emissions.


  • We acknowledge the international conventions and treaties approved by the United Nations. The adoption of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and its additional conventions will be the basis for the fundamental freedoms and rights of Iran’s citizens. We are committed to full adoption of all conventions related to the elimination of discrimination, total negation of torture and violent, inhuman punishments, abolition of death penalty and prohibition against all forms of violence either physical or mental.


  • We recognize that under the terms of Charter Article 39, any kind of threat to the peace, breach of the peace or act of aggression shall be determined by the Security Council. We are also well aware that the aforementioned organ shall make recommendations or decide what measures shall be taken in accordance with Article 41 and 42, to maintain or restore international peace and security.

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