Iranian Green New Deal

“ Recognition of Climate Change as the number one global emergency threatening the survival of life on earth, and the commitment of Iran to maximum efforts at preventing runaway climate change.”

Aware of our unique global responsibilities as an oil producing country, we are the only Opposition group, confronting the Iranian regime that is willing to commit to a drastic program of decarbonisation of the Iranian economy.

To achieve this we shall:

  • Ratify the Paris Climate Agreement of 2015 and incorporate the ratification into domestic law
  • We shall offer aggressive mitigation commitments to the international community in contrast to the current regime’s abject failure in this regard
  • We shall immediately embark on the implementation of our Iranian Green New Deal.
  • This will involve, as its first step, the transformation of the Iranian Energy sector from its current near total dependence on fossil fuels to 100% renewables within the shortest possible time. We shall invite the international alternative energy industry to participate in this effort today, prior to the demise of the current regime by offering proposals for solar, wind, biomass, battery, carbon capture solutions. In return for early backing of the Opposition, companies that engage with us can expect favourable consideration in the successor state.
  • It shall commit to the wholesale transformation of the Iranian transport sector by a program of decommissioning of all transport vehicles using fossil fuels and their replacement by electric or hydrogen fuels. We shall embark on a massive investment in public transport relying on alternative energy.
  • It will involve the wholesale change in the country’s building code requiring all new buildings to be carbon neutral and the existing building stock be overhauled with the same objective in mind.
  • We shall embark on a major reforestation program with a view to restoring the lost forest area which has been specially severe in the last 40 years.
  • We shall draw on the expertise available throughout the world to rescue and restore Iran’s biodiversity.
  • We shall ensure the transformation of Iranian agriculture in keeping with the decarbonisation objectives of the New Green Deal.
  • Iran’s manufacturing sector will be refocused in the direction of integration into the global green division of labour. Material- efficient production processes, Nano and biotechnology, bioplastics and renewable raw materials shall be relied on.
  • Smart water management strategies will be one of the key priorities, given the enormous challenges and political instability caused by water stress in Iran and the region.
  • We shall actively engage with the international community to facilitate and promote an integrated global Carbon Trading scheme whereby Iran will suppress its hydrocarbons production and provide carbon credits to the global economy in a free market exchange system. Iran’s hydrocarbon production capacity, when suppressed in such an exchange mechanism, shall ensure the removal of at least 1.2 billion metric tons of carbon per annum, from the atmosphere. Given the anticipated rise in the price of carbon and the IPCCs recommendation that it be raised to $ 5,500 per ton, we shall endeavour to make the exchange a principle source of funding for the New Green Deal


We are actively working on the details and costings and welcome inputs from all prospective allies.


The Islamic regime’s record regarding the environment is as lamentable as its human rights record. It is the only regime on record to have formally asked for the execution of environmental activists as “ corrupters of the earth”. The continuation of this regime is a threat to the global commons, above all to the biosphere. We request the assistance of all Ecological movements and all parties and groups that see the Climate Emergency as a top priority of global politics,  in our efforts to rid the world of the menace of this regime.






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