Italian vice Foreign Minister on women in Iranian prisons and Narges Mohammadi

I thank the Langer Foundation for the report regarding the situation of women detained during this period of COVID-19 epidemic – in the Iranian prison of Zanjan.

First of all, I would like to assure you that I have submitted the case to our Embassy in Tehran. The latter confirmed that the dramatic story is well known and followed, also in agreement with the representatives of the other EU Member States. The German rotating presidency, just in these days, has taken an important step on behalf of the member countries in the matter of human rights at the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, during which it took the opportunity to raise the issue of worrying prison conditions and health of Ms. Mohammadi and the other inmates.

I can assure you that our Embassy will continue to follow the story closely, with all appropriate awareness raising actions with the local authorities.

For my part, I take this opportunity to express my personal solidarity and my closeness to Narges Mohammadi and to those who are in detention in Zanjan prison, in a situation made even more dramatic by the difficult evolution of the epidemiological framework in Iran .


Marina Sereni

vice Foreign Minister

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