Letter to President of the People’s Republic of China

Dear Mr. President,

Re: The proposed treaty/bilateral agreement between Iran and the People’s Republic of China

8 July 2020

Iran Transition Council ( ITC) herewith registers its protest, in the strongest terms, against the proposed 25 year agreement/treaty between the People’s Republic of China and the current regime governing Iran. The precise terms of the proposed agreement are shrouded in extreme secrecy and our efforts to gather reliable information from the publicly available sources have not led to verifiably accurate information. Requests to public authorities have similarly not resulted in definitive disclosure from official bodies in Iran or in China. What has appeared in the international media paints a grim picture of an unequal relationship reminiscent of the dark age of colonialism which our two countries have direct and bitter memories of in the not too distant past. The Iranian people shall not submit to becoming a vassal state which, by all accounts, is the inevitable outcome of the current proposals, as surmised through press reports.

This secrecy is suggestive in the extreme. The Iranian regime does not even trust its own hand- picked parliamentarians with information regarding this matter, which even in its mildest versions appears to be a serious threat to Iran’s national interests, its territorial integrity and sovereignty. We shall not speculate as to the contents of this proposed agreement. The process by which it is being procured is sufficient, as a matter of international law, to render it null and void, ab initio. It is the sovereign right of the Iranian people to be informed of what it is that their rulers are committing to, for some quarter of a century from now. The fact that we are being denied that information, or any part in the decision making process, renders the decision unlawful and in violation of the most elementary principles espoused by the UDHR and the ICCPR, both of which have been ratified by Iran. Any treaty emerging from this opaque and unaccountable process is null and void and is rejected by the people of Iran. The Iranian Opposition, as represented by the ITC, herewith serves notice that we will not be bound by any treaty or agreement that emerges from this process, regardless of its content.

Additionally, we serve notice that even if the terms of the proposed treaty were to be made available to the current Iranian parliament and ratified by that body, the Opposition will not be bound by such an outcome. The reason for this is clear- the present parliament has not been elected by the criteria laid down by the Interparliamentary Union as the elementary requirements of a fair election. The resulting Islamic Consultative Assembly is an illegitimate rubber stamp body which in no shape or form is representative of the wishes of the Iranian people. The government which relies on the consent of such a body is therefore illegitimate and unrepresentative of the sovereign will of the Iranian people.

Furthermore, we serve notice that any stand alone and separate commercial arrangements entered into by the two countries which are procured by corruption, payment of bribes or arrangements leading to pecuniary gain by officials of the current regime shall be cancelled immediately by a successor government, led by the Opposition. Your government should be under no illusion about the most serious intent of the Opposition in this regard.

We earnestly hope that your excellency will take on board this notice as the solemn declaration of the Iranian Opposition which represents the overwhelming majority of the Iranian people. When the time comes, as it inevitably shall, that the Iranian people assert our sovereign will and liberate our country from the tyranny masquerading as an Islamic Republic, we shall draw on this document as the effective notice for the annulment of the proposed treaty. Let no one claim, when the time comes, that they had not been warned.

Mr President, the people of China and Iran have a long history of friendship. We are both the inheritors of two distinct and ancient civilisations, spanning several millennia. It is our hope that your government will remember this. It is our earnest hope that your government will bear in mind this shared legacy and shall not make a sacrifice of it on the altar of immediate advantage, at a time when our country lies prostrate and devastated because of the greed, , short-sightedness, obscurantism and the despotic adventurism of its current rulers. When the time comes, and it assuredly will, that Iran emerges from its current predicament, can we hope that we will look back together and say the Chinese people were our friends, in these dark and one of the most desolate periods in our history? That is certainly our hope.

Yours sincerely,

Kaveh Moussavi,
General Counsel to Iran Transition Council

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