Two Day Online Meeting of Iran Transition Council

The two-day online  seminar of the Iran Transition Council (ITC) was was opened Saturday 13 of June with a message of Hassan Shariatmadari, the Secretary General of of ITC.

Attending by the leading members and associates, the seminar was successfully held for the purpose of  a review of the Council’s performance and activities in the last 10 months,  as well as exchange of views on the Council’s political strategies. The Council is now in the process of organizing the ideas in order to put them into practice.

Moreover in this seminar, the internal discussions among the members and associates were mostly focused on its performance over a ten-month period as well as the Council’s status in transition strategy against the Islamic Republic and necessary structure appropriate to reach these goals.

In addition to underlining the triple documents of the Council, members and associates expressed their hope that through trust building , everyone takes parts in this respect, including transition from the regime, leading the transition period and fulfilling the obligation through people’s representatives in a Constituent Assembly. It should be remembered that the Iran Transition Council is not a party but aims for a rainbow coalition; unifying Iranians by means of a non-partisan democracy in order to achieve common national interests and goals.

At the opening of this  event, the Secretary General of the Iran Transition Council, Hassan Shariatmadari, said, “There is no doubt that the Transition Council has had considerable success in a short period of time with the help of each and every one of you dear colleagues. We appreciate these achievements which are the result of collective effort and remarkable initiatives made by each of you. But like any other achievement, we’d like to weigh up the shortcomings and try to improve on this closely together; especially for this type of organization in Iran’s political atmosphere is unprecedented. Although we have our own methods and initiatives, we are deprived of relying on the knowledge and experiences of the past. We are like sailors in a stormy sea while having no choice but to make a huge ship for saving our compatriots as well as ourselves, while our enemy, the public enemy, is constantly aiming to make a hole in the ship and even to sink it, if possible.”

He added, “we have to be able to connect with people at the bottom of society and to develop our own communication networks. To achieve this goals, we should make use of the existing network/structure. Prosecution against thieves and criminals by the Council’s Attorneys has brought us fame across the globe and now the corrupt, and villain rulers should be scared of justice and the rule of law while we will win the public trust into our efficiency and authority. We should assist mass protests in leading them towards paralyzing strikes and demonstrations. The regime’s machinery of oppression must be dismantled. To achieve this goal, one should cause division between the base and the body of this force and their commanders.”

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